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Think when you were still a KID
Think when you were a KID, everything is POSSIBLE
You put the BLANKET, over your back, then you became a SUPERMAN
You take your mom’s BROOM and ride on it, then you became a WITCH
You climb up the TREE, not knowing that you might fell, you simply MADE IT
You just had an IDEA and made it happened, because YOU BELIVE
You were then, CREATIVE with strong BELIEF
As you become ADULT, things seems to be a little different
When you failed in your exam, you think “I can NEVER make it”
When you have a BRILLIANT marriage proposal, then you think “maybe it’s NOT the right time”
When you want to start a BUSINESS, you think “maybe it’s NOT as easy”
When you are ALREADY in the BUSINESS, you hard someone says do NOT take risk.
Then, when you have a BRILLIANT IDEA that,
Can create mode JOBS for pooper nations
Can provide a better LIVING for more people
Can make our nation PROUD
Can help the GROWTH of our nation and can create a better WORLD
And you said “I am NOT SURE…”
You are still CREATIVE but with more DOUBT
Then YEARS LATER, you heard … someone had the same idea as yours,
What makes him DIFFERENT from you?
He puts his IDEA into reality.
He is the most promising Creative Young Entrepreneur of year.
His ACTION won him this recognition.
Then you started to think, How I WISHED I had taken ACTION That years ago…
THINK you were a KID, If that idea came by when you were still a kid, could you have taken ACTION???
When back then, you strongly belive…
It is never too late…, you just need to have an IDEA and make it happen
You still can, … if you BELIVE.
Creativity starts from BELIEF.